japan japan oh my god japan!

So my flight is cancelled out of china, in true Chinese style, the girl at check in doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem for me! “oh no worries, i didn’t really want to go anyway”. Eventually i find someone who manages to get me onto another flight. Meanwhile, Ralph is waiting at the wrong terminal in Tokyo, and neither of us are futuristic enough to own a Japanese mobile phone, so i have to find my way into a capsule hotel on my own.

capsule hotel clerk: “do you have any tattoos?”
me: “no”
clerk: “are you sure?”
me: “erm. yes”
clerk (moving right up close to my face): “not even a very little one?”
me (thinking): “oh shit, Japan is mental and I’m in mental central”

60 millionvending machines in Japan! 1 for every 2 people. true.

photo trip with BB, cheers mate, wicked to catch all those autumn colours.

the hottest girls on the streets of harajuku; that said, girls are hot all over japan, they just dress better here.

i love the gradient of the sky in this picture, for full set of japan photos click here.

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