lot’s more hanging around in broome

lot’s more hanging around in broome. got to have a drive in BB’s holden hk 1969 ute. fucking ace. 3 gears on the column, drum brakes all round and all the safety features of a hole in the ground.

a new favourite pass time of mine is to find a crazy crab (hermit crab is their latin name). draw a circle on the ground, pull them off your finger, stop them attacking the hand you’ve pulled them off with, put them in the middle and race em.

tip: find big angry ones with small shells.
I call this picture ‘rocking out by the pool’.

RE: clouds, it’s wet season in broome, whats a man to do.

like real tourists we ignored the signs, naturally. this is the same area we went fishing in the water a last week. cool. the next picture wasn’t in the wild, they caught this lizard a few months ago in this area. IT’S FUCKING HUGE. fortunately this can only move at 50 mph unlike the smaller ones that can move at 60 – 70.

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