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Kinky Xmas Card Site. 2002

A Gurus Christmas Promotion. The internal brief was to produce something clean enough to use as a christmas card for our selves, but dirty enough to become a viral success. Made entirely in Flash this project took nearly 2 months to code, an e-card system that lets you build your message from fridge magnets.

First choose your male of female manikin, dress them up from the array of custom objects. Next build your message by dragging and dropping fridge magnet style words.

Once made you can send to up to three people at a time, the items on your manikin and the exact position of the fridge magnets are stored in the database waiting to be retrieved by the receiver.

Potential clients and other interested parties (but mainly our selves) watched the project grow on a specially made mini site. letting us know where the cards were going, and how big the chains were getting.

Over 5,000 cards were sent wasting more than 20 years of office time world wide.

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