restaurant and taxi culture

i’ll explain two of the main reasons i love living in shanghai, imagine it’s 7pm, you’ve been working all day (or rather your flat mate enya has been working all day) and you’re hungry. just flick though a restaurant listing, or think of one you already know, text your mates and walk out the door. for us it’s a 22 floor ride in an elevator and a 50m walk to the road where at that time in the evening i can usually hail a taxi before i’ve reached the curb. a taxi will cost around 60p providing you can say “wo men qu julu lu mao ming nan lu lukou” correctly. sit around a table with a bunch of mates eating and drinking good food and beer till you’re stuffed. pay maybe £5, then go rent a video, blockbusters in shanghai is a little more basic and requires looking though a suitcase or wooden box of fresh out the cinema movies on the side of the street – they’re 50p for keeps! you could however jump in taxi across town to another bar, or maybe taxi to a mates house to watch your new dvd. it doesn’t matter because unlike any where else i’ve ever lived, when you want to go home at 2 am, you just walk out the door, stick your hand out and a taxi is there. they’re always there, they’re brilliant, shanghai taxis you make my world go round.

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