Leaving Broome (the second time)

so no entry for a while… well i haven’t really been doing anything, i’ve been happily living in Broome. ┬áit’s time to move on, much as i’d like to spend a few years here, there are other important things i need to do, though i’m unsure what.

Being my last weekend in here, you’d think i’d be lying on the beach, catching a few waves (with jelly fish in) and be heavily on the piss… alas no. freelance has gone really well and i’ve got a whole load of deadlines to meet. not only that, but in a freak weather pattern the temperature has dropped to 19 degrees (brrr) it’s cloudy, windy and i’m inside at my laptop feeling a little bit ill. oh those winter blues !

Monday i make my way to karratha for some time with the aunt and uncle, next week Perth. Bris-Vegas, then to Sydney, Thailand, and Cornwall.

see you there.

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