State of mind

as predicted by all whom live in shanghai for any length of time, you go through set periods of emotion living here.. first there is the amazement; “wow everything in china is so wonderful, it’s such an amazing place. etc.” then comes; “wow what an interesting place, everything here is just so interesting” and after that, about a year into your stay comes “oh my god they’re all idiots”. and after that who knows, you either end up hating it and leave, you stop caring and live your life in an expat bubble, or you rediscover what you loved in the first place and continue to make the most of what can only be a finite time here. give me another year and i’ll let you know.

for example: post office regulations.
(this is the conversation i would have had could i have spoken chinese, with only knowing a little chinese the real conversation and mime was much more insane)

me: i’d like to post a parcel
clerk: what’s in it?
me: some clothes and a letter
clerk: no, you can only post parcels here, you need to go to a different counter, buy an envelope, then go to another counter to post your letter.
me: why?
clerk: it will have to go in a separate envelope
me: what if it’s a drawing
clerk: just letters
me: what if it’s a letter with drawings on it
me: what if i put the letter inside in the clothes?
clerk: you can’t do that
*put’s letter inside clothes
me: i’d like to post a parcel
clerk: what’s in it?
me: clothes.

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