Australia Vs German

now there was a reason for me to actually buy the new toy… a wedding.
with the exception of my aunties and my parents, i’m now the last in my entire small family to be married. but i don’t think i can get married now as my damn cousins have just done it so well. joss and kelly with their rolling devon hills and garden marquee and now rawden and elke in landschaftspark duisburg-nord – an enormous 1920’s steel refinery near dusseldorf in germany. congrats rawdy, an awesome wedding in an amazing place. thank you for asking me to be the photographer, i hope i didn’t disappoint.

their wedding website invited guests to explore “We recommend you bring a pair of comfortable shoes in case you would like to explore Landschaftspark.
while it’s a fantastic idea, someone should have told uncle tim not to wonder off on his own, he got lost and missed the speeches and a few hours of the wedding, bless.

well at least he got to see more of the park than the rest of us in the bar. what did happen after midnight? did i loose my camera? who was the girl in the pink dress?

you can see all the photos from the day here
conclusion: i like germany, germans and german things. (especially beer)

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