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Touch down.
31th December 2003

i left england, i was happy it was raining.
from london to singapore i sat next to a man who pretended to sleep for take off - what! - who pretends to sleep for take off?
from singapore to perth i sat next to man who was infinitely more interesting - he told me that the take off/stall speed of a 747 -400 is 175 mph.


7th January 2004

now i'm staying at bret's house. it doesn't have a pool.


bei and i are getting on really well - nice to see the effects of travel on someone you know so well - we're together for 3 more weeks before we travel separately again.

bei in the outback

so this week i went on a 3 day road trip south from perth with BA and the girls. yeah some 4 litre ford fairmont action.
monday night we drove 2 hours down a road the without seeing another car. then we turned onto a dirt track and drove up a mountain. 15 miles of dirt track through a forest - no signs - no people - nothing. got to the end of the track and the car park was busy! don't know why we bothered - there's car parks in perth.

this picture is from the top of a rock at the end of the track - the view was the same 360. there are no shops for about an hour and a half drive. no really you can't even get a ginsters.

mount frankland

our drive then took us south to the southern ocean. there was something quite special about seeing an ocean i'd never seen before. so i jumped in. much the same as any other ocean once you're in.

waterfall bay

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