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Brisbane and Sydney

14th June 2004

So birthday time in brisbane with auntie pip.
This years birthday surprise was young bei, whom just happened to be in brisbane the same time as me.  after 5 months of hardly any contact, we went out and partied. not as weird as you may think, in fact a great opportunity to sort stuff out and go on a3 day road trip to noosa. noosa's nice.

but lovely as aunties, ex girlfriends and holiday resorts are... the best thing about brisbane is the 16ft snake that lives in my aunties loft. I've wanted to see a snake since i got to OZ.. and i'm not disappointed.

i was in that loft for about 3 minuets before i realised it was above my head!

18th June 2004

i didn't come to australia to get cold. but it's the middle of winter, it gets dark at half 5, what can you expect.

30th June 2004

sydney. went into town to take a look at the sydney opera house, and on closer inspection i found it's made entirely of bathroom tiles. in disgust (among other flimsy excuses) i bought a new digital camera.

i'm staying with my very good friend sharon of somerset fame, known to the australians as sherry, though i don't think this has anything to do with that tasty breakfast drink we all know and love.

so new camera... what's the difference...
low light shots, with lot's of detail and no noise.

so i took myself off into the city to take some slow shutter pictures. these are worth taking a look at big, if i do say so my self.

if anyone can explain to me why the lights split in 15 equal spikes, i'd be interested to know.

as featured on

20 second exposure at f8.0, on sydney harbor bridge, i'll try and write more interesting and witty things as soon as i'm over the excitement of my new toy.

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