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oh my, thailand

Note: hi to all the people i met and took photographs of on Ko Phangan, you can see all the pictures i took here.

7th July 2004

bangkok... oh my. today i ordered an ivory white mandarin tuxedo with a red and gold waist coat with dragons on. i don't know what i was thinking. tuk tuk tuk tuk.

11th July 2004

got an overnight bus down to ko samui. don't bother, it's shit. fly. but interesting photos anyway. ko samui petrol station, do you sell super unleaded?

the next 2 pictures go so well together...

13th July 2004

left Ko Samui, too many prostitutes and ex-pats on fake harley davidsons. so i got a ferry north to Ko Phangan, the home of the full moon party. found a secluded beach. mmm much nicer.

20th July 2004

got bored with the secluded beach, and moved across the island to Thong Nai Pan. a very relaxed party beach. no roads, good food, top people... this is my bungalow. 2 quid a night. MINT.

the view from my hammock. i did intend to go many other places, but...

23rd July 2004

extract from email to bei

i've found the best beach. i was going to carry on traveling but
just like all of my new friends... there seems like little point
going somewhere when it's going to be worse than the place you are.

there is a funky little bar in the corner of the beach. nice bunch of people just hang around and play chess and frisby, get high, drunk etc. no prostitutes hassling you. no annoying people tugging at your shirt trying to get you to buy some thing.

it's called tong noi pan, ko phangan, but i'll give you directions
when you get here.

the food at the bar is amazing, and it all goes on your room bill
with your drinks. 3 nights accommodation, 3 or 4 joy meals a day + 30 hours or more drinking. came to 1600 baht, which is 23 pounds.

i'm going swimming every couple of hours. at night the water glows like blue fire as you move your hand through it because it's full of phosphorescent plankton.

but anyway

the bar i never left....

chess with perkins, a northerner living in scotland working as a mexican chef. chess score. 32/33 to me. you're a looser perkins.

and next, my favorite picture of the year.
this is beautiful stu!

25th July 2004

extract from email to john

last night i fell out of a boat after drinking a bucket of whisky
and red bull through straws.

27th July 2004

nearly stayed forever on the island, but i'll be back. back in bangkok today, no illegal gambling this time, so i got drunk with the locals instead!

all thailand pictures avaiable here.

28th July 2004

i'm home. england is beautiful. my bed has never been so comfy.

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