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Melbourne est tres chic

30th November 2004

Landed with a bump in melbourne, primarily because of the thumping hangover i left broome with. picked up and whisked away straight into a pub with kate and sam and stretch. then thrown in a hippyesk van to phillip island for a weekend with heidi's parents. a few golf sticks and a carton of goon later i'm back in melbourne enjoying it's hip and trendy cafe scene. err, i'll have another latte grande, while i sit in this tatty 70's arm chair listening to DJ bohemian or something.

can you spot the fourth member in this photo - best not.

arghh, the pirates of phillip island. more goon?

9th December 2004

so due to the fact that i'm quite seriously considering being a dildo distributor, i had to buy a prototype.. yup white gold with pearl etc. worth about £300. just waiting to be stopped by customs. anyway, showed it to the girls in melbourne.. certainly a talking point.

simone, bec, me, kelly, clea and the golden secret.

14th December 2004

Penang in Malaysia. it's alright, there's plenty here to be unimpressed about. The most interesting thing is due to the fact that malaysia's population is made up of thai, indian, chinese, indonesian and the malays... most speak english as a common tongue. which is nice.

hired a motor bike, climbed a hill, this is proof.

sometimes composition just falls at your feet.

17th December 2004

so nearly a year since i started my travels, i'm sitting on a flight home and i feel like i've only just dipped my toe in the water. i've met so many amazing people, discovered stunning landscapes, got really drunk (the important things) seems only fitting to finish with one last tounge in cheek picture of me, this one beneath the petronas towers in KL - shopping tastic by the way!

Already planning my next trip, china. it has to be the most exciting country in the world at the moment, i'm embarrassed to say i know little about the largest society and culture on the planet.

it always suprises me how many people read this, thank you for reminding me you do, if you didn't i probably wouldn't bother. merry christmas and a happy new year.


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