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Vietnam, Vietnamese and Video phones.

24th January 2006 - 3 weeks of tucker

sorry if you've been looking at my website in the hope that i may have given you some interesting photos or stories about the wonderfully interesting country that is vietnam... but the truth is i've just been getting drunk letting tucker take the photos with his phone.

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9th January 2006 - hanoi

i don't think hanoi can be all that big, but then it's hard to tell because we spent most of our time completely lost in the tiny streets of the old quarter. navigating these streets is made slightly easier because each street sells pretty much one thing. "isn't our hotel near selotape street", " this is the third time we've walked down fucking hatstand street"...

... it turned night and we found our selves the wrong end of teddy bear street.

13th January 2006 - hue

the fourth night we were in hue, we visited the beach and while getting a puncture repaired we met a man with a million dollars.

i had a great nights sleep while tucker was throwing up the for the third night running. the next morning with 50% of the team feeling refreshed we took a 5 hour trip to hoi an to meet kate and sam.

17th January 2006 - hoi an, the home of the wardrobe

hoi an is cool, 100's of tailors who will make practically anything you like, 4 days later i have a linen suit, 2 pairs of trousers, some shorts and shirts and a plate. all for under 50. mint. if you're there i recommend the tailors huong xuan at 8 le loi street!

due to some strict drinking laws in hoi an, after hours drinking continues in someone garage about 4km out of town, but the necessary slightly scary motor bike taxis only add to the fun.

i went for a swim, tucker got sunburn. then we hired some 2 a day motor bikes and took our selves off in search of vietnam's most important centre of the ancient kingdom of Champa. after a few wrong turns and some encouragement from co pilot cotton we guided our honda dreams 2 hours across the country side. with only 1 mile to go tucker was taken out by the vietcong. "mayday, man down". in reality a friendly local started a conversation with him while they were riding - the road turned to dust - and ben replaced sun burn with dirt.

oh and you must eat cao lao here. it's a noodle salad.

20th January 2006 - war is peach flavoured

nha trang, one of the largest US military bases during the american war, war is hell, but nha trang is has a lovely beach and nice shady palm trees where you sit and eat and drink all day with luxury 5* service.
"watch out for the pick pocket prostitutes... too late ".

Saigon officially called ho chi minh, but that's much like renaming edinburgh 'tony blair', though he didn't kill thousands of scots recently. So, saigon; stayed at uncle toms posh pad. no injuries for ben in this city, here we watch the 4 hour version of apocalypse now, among others, took a trip to the war museum, which had more gruesome photos than the internet. and just to round the weekend off we went crawling around in the cucci tunnels...

...after that lot you hate america just a little more, even though it was the french who messed things up in the first place. the great thing is the vietnamese don't seem to care if you're american or even if you're french (amazing). they've been fighting for the last few thousand years to keep this big stretch of coast line and they haven't lost it yet. how many countries can boast that !

when you're not being ripped off or sitting on a bus with 40 australians vietnam is brilliant, the people are wonderfull and so is the food. at least i know where to move after shanghai !

4th March 2006 - quick trip to thailand

escape to a little island, stay in a luxury hotel, all just 4 hours from shanghai. beautiful.

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