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Action Sports freelancedesigndevelop development
BBC Good Food Showfull time employmentdevelop development
Carphone Warehouse full time employmentdevelop development
Chemistry Eventfull time employmentdesigndevelop development
ER Mapperfreelancedesigndevelop development
Forbes Interationalfull time employmentdesigndevelop development
Frankie and Benny'sfull time employmentdevelop development
GB Airways full time employmentdevelop development
Golden Secrets freelancedesigndevelop development
JCDecauxfreelancefull time employmentdevelop development
JKbigday - Wedding freelancedesigndevelop development
Lockit2Mefreelancefull time employmentdesigndevelop development
Olfactionfreelancedesigndevelop development
Ooops Management full time employmentdesigndevelop development
Reuters World Cupfull time employmentdevelop development
Sunday Timesfull time employmentdevelop development
Travel Connection UK full time employmentdesigndevelop development
Zaynabfull time employmentdesigndevelop development

Semu (freelance designer) AU


freelance freelance design designer
full time employment fulltime
develop development developer

Old news

7th Jan 2009
Berlin 2009 34 photos uploaded, first update in a little while! Minus 15. Snowy. German.

1st Feb 08

First large freelance project for a while.
I'm proud to announce the launch of, I can take credit for all the photography on this one too!

20th October 07

Flickr still censored in China. Utube not available. No wikipedia, bbc or tits, why have internet at all?
For those of you suffering like me... buy this VPN (thank you witopia)

17th September 07

Evelyn then Margaux join Thread. Good designs ahead...

4th August 07

Thread launch stylebutler website. working with our partners in Hong Kong. Nice little project if i do say so myself.

24th May 07

Full time web developer needed at Thread. I'm looking for someone fulltime PHP CSS SQL, it's not much to ask, but hard to find. international applicants would be considered. let me know.

15th April 07

today i sorted out my hundreds of lomos, to celebrate i made a 350 photo lomo wall...

28th March 07

my dearest idiot and name sake has made some new and special stuff at Tuckshop Super Store... Happy Easter bitches!
3rd March 07

happy year of the pig!
this chinese year starts with my new company "Thread" launching it's website, oh yes, i proudly present the hottest new design company in shanghai...

2nd January 07

finally had some spare time to work on mydot.. lot's of updates around the site... have also moved all my photos to a pro flickr account.

Christmas Day 06
Dear Santa, thank you for all the lovely presents, but do you think you have anything left in the bottom of your sack for Alex Rawlins, he's a bit upset his mum didn't get him a Wii. Thanks. Ben
4th December 06
been a bit slow on the updates, but that's because i've been mental busy... so as a reward i went to japan. amazing. i've never had post holiday blues like it. take a look at my photos here
25th August 06
tucker puts funny magic rubber band film on Utube.+ I find college friend, kerry jackman has website - at last
23rd August 06
Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics goes live, everybody happy!
15th August 06
cornwall trip is more beautiful then could have been hoped, well worth the 24 hour journey to get there. see photos.
30th June 06
scored some great projects, lily lolo cosmetics and benchmark car club. also updates to travel page
10th June 06
it's still here. my favourite single page on the internet.
1st June 06
china internet is worse than ever .
i've changed hosting to the US. this means i currently have lot's of email and website problems. please bare with me.
12th May 06
went to my cousins wedding in germany. managed to forget a large chunk of the evening. fourtunately being the photographer i have pictures to remind me.

16th March 06
parents make another blazing trip around asia, damn it, they've been to more places than me now. my dads travelogue

28th February 06
ralph spent 7 months making this... just as well it's awesome.. monkey majik music video + stills

14th February 06
tucker makes website. best not show this to anyone. presenting... ben tuckers tuckshop super store...

24th January 06
been to vietnam. wow. look at me and tucker, we're lost !

21st December 05
it's my christmas card, but i've taken my name off it so you cand send it to ya friends if ya like! cheapskates.

6th November 05
photoshop tennis, unrestricted photoshop shinnanigans betwix baker and i. see boomstation for details.

2nd November 05
so my parents came to china, dad wrote a travel log to out do mine!

16th August 05
cool little showcase thingies added to both my sites. (left) sit up straight and enjoy the show.

8th July 05
my thoughts are with you guys in london today.
11th June 05
i'm now living in shangers!
yesterday we launched alber stewart film productions. as tucker put's it; "ash's site looks and sounds mental as a spaz in a candy floss machine"

4th April 05
i'm in china, and i'm an idiot.
travel log
24th February 05
i'm booked on a one way flight to china... oooh! leave march 30th, travel log will recommence.

22nd November 04
remade this website for the 6th time, still much work to do, i'm also making into my photography site. please bare with me...

10th August 04
made a guestbook take a look. getting lot's of spam so changed the link to click here

1st June 04
cousin to marry a best friend. i make wedding website.

16th April 04
flew a plane... in the clouds. wooo. awesome.
see travel log

9th February 04
At last I've got my portfolio up to scratch. now you can take a look at why my eyes don't work.

8th January 04
I'm in Australia now, i haven't any work to do and it's sunny out side. never mind. view my travel log if you want to know what i've been up to.

9th April 04
I'm fucked off that Ben Weldon the actor is rated higher on google than i am. so this entry mentioning Ben Weldon twice should fix it.

12thDecember 03
Today i left my job.
Goodbye GURUS, it's been good.

12th October 03
I'm in the middle of updating my site.
17th september 03
james baker makes 1st website. much goodness.
13th august 03
today i bought a ticket to many adventures.
17th august 03
i've just spent 10 blissful days in cornwall. i spent my entire time laughing and smiling. thank you to my friends, old and new.
15th august 03
the beautiful bei li has finished her first website.
24th april 03
i add a little bit to this site now and again hoping that when i'm an old age pensioner i'll have my whole life already archived. i'm also hoping this will make things easier for anyone who may want to write my obituary. easier still they can just print a URL into the local paper.

please feel free to email me about lomos, flash, booze, search engine optimisation, you know the exciting things in life.

my dad - john weldon