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Portfolio: the big design list
When i grew up i didn't want to be an astronaut, I wanted to be a graphic designer.

I have been designing and building web sites since 1997. From 2000 t0 2004 I worked at Gurus, a small but successful company based in London. while there I was actively involved in all aspects of the company.

I left them in December 2004 to travel the world, freelancing from a laptop to build up my own client base and fund my ever increasing journey plan.

Traveling feeds my creativity, creativity funds my traveling. My permanent base is now in Shanghai. Why? As my clients are in England, Australia and America, I can afford to undercut my competitors and still live comfortably here. I'm learning to speak Chinese... and it makes a change from London.


I also offer hosting.
This means i can take your project from concept to completion without the need for you to deal with
anything else.