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Disney Channel - Real time TV voting. 2004

Star Ticket
A kids TV equivalent of pop idol, from national auditions to final band this Flash site had to offer live voting and statistics that ran simultaneously with the TV show. The stats also pulled in information of the phone, text, and digital TV votes.
As the show grew I had to design and develop content for competitions, design a logo was the most complicated giving the kids a mini art package to play with.
Due to a huge amount of red tape, it takes 5 days to make a live change on the server, this meant the 10 week show had to run to the second from the beginning. I did this using server clocks and a lot of planning.

Launch pop-up - 5th week in
Launch launch pop-up - post show site

Kids Awards
An industry awards ceremony voted for by the kids. For this project i developed flash content, displayed the information and recorded votes for over 100 acts. My code then had to be integrated with Disney's data capture procedure. The final show was in front of a live audience of 10,000 and an international TV audience of Millions.
(I went and got on TV)

Launch pop-up - voting site
Launch pop-up - post show site

Kids awards final site.

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