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Road trip North on the West coast
15th January 2004

after some hard work relaxing at castle alder the girls talked me into getting on a mini bus tour and being driven 1500 miles north into 50 degree heat. I thought this a bad idea, but for fear of over relaxation i paid up and got on.

soon into the trip i was climbing through this gorge. Apart from it being breath takingly beautiful it was nearly 50 degrees and full of flies, to my surprise none of these things bothered me. london on a hot summer day is far worse.

onto monkey mia where we met some dolphins. a crowd of people stood at the waters edge staring blankly at the dolphins, who were staring blankly back, that's what cows do, what's so magic? i made friends with a pelican instead - isn't he handsome.

beautiful beach? it's called shell beach, it's made entirely of uncomfortable shells and it's too shallow to swim. who cares every other beach is perfect. though in my quest to find a nicer beach... polly joke in cornwall is still my favorite.

4 days on a bus and we're not even half way.

17th January 2004


i asked the bar man for a rum and coke, he gave me a can of bundy - it's a sickly drink, but once mixed with coke it's similar to the captain, so hurrah for australia for serving rum and coke not only in cans at petrol stations, but in bottles at clubs and on draught in bars (half pint measures - no ice).

18th January 2004

stayed in exmouth for 3 days, which was nice, much time spent by the pool chatting to ronald, an ex disney land paris donald duck turned customs official in amsterdam. he gave me some good advice on international smuggling.

then we all hired some scooters and a yellow bug named ernie and went to find sharks. found some. sarah screamed though her snorkel.

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