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Walls, warriors, rivers and mountains.

9th April 2005 - night clubbing

Xi'an, so, after jumping off the overnight train we jumped straight onto a tour to the terracotta warriors. more like a theme park than a historical goldmine! just like the great wall tour, this one stopped off for a factory tour, museum and gift shop fun, a not included, but no choice banquet and then finally some warriors. but the youth hostel was good, a dumpling party got every one in the spirit to experience some Xi'an night life. yup. good. 8 of us rock up to a club, free to get in, it's packed, everyone dancing, music pumping, we're ushered to our own private table we buy a bottle of absolute for £15, another 4 staff bring all the mixers, 10 bottles of beer and a fruit bowl the size of sainsbury's for free.

look forward to 'ben and stretches vague guide to china' video. it's going to be good.

12th April 2005 - river cruising

right now i'm cruising down the yangzi river looking at ancient mountains farmed by an ancient culture. not quite as glamorous as it sounds though. we choose a budget tour for chinese tourists. (2 days for £14) we're in a 6 bed dorm that smells of shit. stretch and i are the only people that can speak english amongst the 200 people on board. that said, the view is nice!

14th April 2005 - yellow mountains

took us 2 days of mini bus chaos to get here.... was it worth it? er. we got the cable car half way up, walked another hour to the top (1868 m) then for some reason... ran back down! 6km of stone steps. i can't explain how much my legs hurt.

17th april 2005 - shanghai

it's a big city. i've been working all week, so haven't had too much chance to explore. fortunately not too many temples here. lot's of bars, a few foreigners and more chinese people that you can shake a stick at. decided against joining in the anti japan demonstrations in favour of all you can eat sashimi dinners! eating chinese three times a day has started to loose it's appeal, so it's good to be able to read menus and order things you know you like. cheese.

22nd April 2005 - safety first

china is a country full of rich culture, vibrant people and a multitude of beautiful landscapes. china is also perfect for drink driving. there aren't as such any drink driving laws here, but of course that would be stupid to put other people lives at risk. no no. instead we found a go karting track and got utterly bollocked.

the afternoon starts with a pint, then a 10 min race, then another pint, then another race. by the end of 5 races we couldn't get around the course with out having to be pulled out of the tire walls. our sixth race was prepared for with tequilas. i broke an axle in a pile up with some french people. fortunately there isn't the hassle of wearing helmets or racing suits... shorts, thongs and tiger beer are all you need for some 30mph mayhem here. wicked.

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